Friday, May 12, 2006

Ignatius 9 Loyola 5 (Final)

8:30pm For Ignatius, Nora Kennelly led the way with 5 goals, and Yadi Leon, Lydia Ridgeway, Kate Brankin, and Ali Durkin scored once for the Wolfpack. Loyola was led by Colleen Shaw (2 goals), while Liz Clarke, Carly Levison, and Jackie Sershon all scored one time.

8:03pm Shaw draws an ejection and Loyola takes their final timeout. Hybinette makes the save and Kennelly adds a late goal with 0:37 seconds remaining...Levison from outside scores to make it 9-5, but it's not enough, as Ignatius goes on to win 9-5.

7:58pm After the timeout, Ignatius uses the clock and Kate Brankin finds the back of the net to make the score 7-4...Hybinette makes a save and assists Kennelly on a breakaway goal as Loyola takes a timeout with 2:22 trailing 8-4.

7:55pm Loyola with a chance to cut it to one by Maloney makes a steal in transition...Shaw makes a steal at two meters...Shaw draws an ejection but Loyola cannot score...Shaw makes a steal on an Ignatius drive and Loyola draws an ejection, but Hybinette makes a save and Ignatius takes a timeout.

7:53pm Leon hits the post, Kennelly the rebound, save by Muntean!

7:52pm Jackie Sershon with a lob from the left side makes it 6-3, and Colleen Shaw follows with a goal from two meters to make it 6-4 in the first minute of the fourth quarter.

7:45pm Shaw draws an ejection at two meters...Levison shoots off the crossbar and Ridgeway makes a field block leading to a breakaway for Kennelly, but she is DENIED on chance by Muntean, who keeps the Ramblers within striking distance as they trail 6-2 at the end of the period.

7:41pm Muntean comes out to make a steal at the 3:45 mark of the third...Harig hits the post from outside and Hybinette recovers...Kennelly a steal at two meters...Carly Levison makes a steal on the perimeter for the Ramblers, but Harig tosses a lob over the net...Muntean a save on a shot by Kennelly...Leon a steal at two meters and an Ignatius timeout.

7:36pm Second half begins..Durkin steal; Ridgeway hits the post; Loyola gets a powerplay chance but Hybinette makes a save...Muntean makes a save on Leon's outside shot...Durkin elevates to catch a high pass and lobs a shot in for a 6-1 lead...Liz Clarke answers for Loyola from the left side to make it 6-2.

7:29pm Defense making stops in the final few minutes of the period; Hybinette a save; Muntean a steal, final seconds of the period...Hybinette hits the crossbar at the end of the half. 5-1 Ignatius leads at the break.

7:22pm Muntean makes a save on Maloney's outside shot; Hybinette with a steal on Jackie Sershon's drive; Muntean with a save on a shot by Kennelly from the right post; Leon with a steal from Shaw at two meters; Lydia Ridegeways's out side shot slips past Muntean for a 5-1 Ignatius lead; Hybinette a save on Sershon's drive.

7:20pm The second quarter starts, as Liz Clarke makes a steal for Loyola, but Ali Durkin is back to make the defensive stop...Hybinette throws it ahead for the eventual assist as Yadi Leon comes open on the left side to make the score 4-1 Ignatius. Timeout Loyola.

7:15pm Maloney draws an ejection; Clarke blocks Kennelly's shot out of bounds; Maloney hits the crossbar from the left post; Kennelly with a steal at two meters then advances it and scores from seven meters to make the score 3-1.

7:13pm Muntean blocks an outside shot by Maloney but Kennelly is there to score on the rebound.

7:11pm Hybinette collects a shot by Shaw that falls short of the goalline; Maloney misses over the net for Ignatius; Hybinette a save; Ali Durkin draws an ejection on Liz Clarke for Ignatius...Nora Kennelly with a crazy lob from the lane lines to the opposite corner to tie the score at 1-1.

7:04pm Yadi Leon draws an offensive foul; Kathleen Maloney shoots over goal; Colleen Shaw makes the score 1-0 with a goal from two meters; Muntean denies Maloney on an outside shot; Hybinette makes a save on Sam Shehan's drive; Shaw hits the right post on a backhand attempt; Leon makes a steal on Emily Harig's breakaway chance; Leon with a steal from Shaw at two meters.