Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mundelein 10 Loyola 8 (Final)

9:14pm Mundelein is the last team to advance with a 10-8 win over Loyola. Andrew Peterson had 4 goals in the win, Mark Selle and Grant Gates each added a pair, and Brandon Schawel and Geoff Schott also recorded one tally each. Ryan Egan scored 4 times to lead the Ramblers, while Nate LeRoy added 3 goals and Evan Rourke scored once.

9:08pm LeRoy with a steal at the 2:27 mark...Peterson steals it back with 2:13 to go...Schawel gets open with a chance to seal the game for Mundelein, but Weissert deflects the ball off the post and Loyola counters. Peterson creates a turnover and Mundelein calls a timeout.

9:05pm Selle fires a shot wide left after a Mundelein timeout... Weissert with a huge save on Schawel's shot from four meters out...Lukacs with a steal...Selle just misses on a lob with 4:30 left...LeRoy draws an ejection but Evan Rourke fires over the net...Mark Selle hits a backhand from two meters and the lead is 10-8 Mundelein...LeRoy draws an ejection but Rayome denies his first chance...Peterson with a field block on Stonequist and the Mustangs cling to a two goal lead.

9:01pm Egan gets Loyola one goal closer with a score in the first minute of the fourth period, then Selle hits the post and Weissert denies his rebound attempt with 6:00 left...Matt Patterson assists LeRoy with a goal from the right post and the Ramblers are down by just one with 5:32 left in the game.

8:55pm Ricky Lukacs with a steal in the final minute for the Mustangs, and Goggle Boy aka Geoff Schott scores from the left post to put Mundelein up 9-6 with :01 second left in the third period.

8:52pm Defense takes over the next few minutes, until Brandon Schawel scores at two meters to make the Mustang lead 8-5 with 2:00 left in the third period. Egan scores for Loyola on the powerplay and LeRoy makes a steal to give Loyola another chance to score, but Mundelein makes a stop to keep the two goal advantage.

8:48pm Weissert with two early saves to keep Loyola within one...Rayome recovers a rebound after LeRoy hits the post on a penalty shot...After a Loyola steal, Peterson steals a pass in the offensive end and assists Selle on a lob shot to make the score 7-5 as Loyola takes a timeout.

8:40pm LeRoy scores a crazy goal on a breakaway, but Peterson responds with a goal of his own at two meters to tie it. Weissert makes a save on Schott's attemp, but Peterson puts in a backhand from four meters with 0:02 remaining in the half to put the Mustangs ahead 5-4 at halftime.

8:37pm Egan scores from two meters to make it 4-3 Loyola, but Andrew Peterson answers with a two meter goal, assisted by Schawel, and the score is tied at 4-4.

8:34pm Nate LeRoy draws an ejection and lobs a shot in to tie the game at 3-3. After a kickout, Peterson hits the post, but Mundelein gets it back. Selle has his shot blocked by Weissert and the score stays even. Rayome blocks Egan's shot at two meters, then Schott makes a steal to prevent a Loyola goal.

8:31pm Tyler Rayome makes a save on Loyola's first scoring chance of the second quarter, and then Loyola calls a timeout. Weissert denies Mark Selle and then Sean Larsen on consecutive plays. Peterson creates a turnover at two meters as Egan had a chance to score.

8:25pm Gates gives the Mustangs their first lead with a goal from two meters. LeRoy draws a kickout at the buzzer, so Loyola will start the second period with a man-up situation.

8:22pm O'Connell draws an ejection but hits the post at two meters...Weissert makes two saves in a row to keep Loyola up by a goal...field block by O'Connell but Grant Gates picks up the rebound and scores from four meters out to tie the game at 2-2...Mundelein then takes a timeout.

8:16pm Ryan Egan scores for Loyola on their first possession...Andrew Peterson draws a kickout and then scores on the man-up situation to tie it at 1-1...Nate LeRoy puts the Ramblers up 2-1, then Adam Weissert makes a save to keep Loyola on top...Geoff Schott with a steal for the Mustangs, but Dan O'Connell makes a steal on the other end for Loyola.

8:00pm Mundelein and Loyola are warming up and we will be right back with the coverage at 8:15pm.