Thursday, May 11, 2006

Lyons 12 Naperville Central 11 (Final)

9:17pm Scott Nemecek leads all scorers with 6 goals, while Mike Castro and Peter Cosentino added two goals apiece and Pat Wilkins and Paul Busse each scored once. For Central, Jadd Shammas led the way with 3 goals, Ryan Alberts, Pat Leclair, and Tyler Olsen all scored twice and Kevin Bell and Ben Li each added a goal.

6:42pm LYONS advances to the semifinals with a 12-11 win over Naperville Central. More later...

6:41pm Central hits the post and the ball bounces out of bounds and Lyons runs out the clock for the win.

6:40pm Mike Castro scores from two meters with 0:46 left and makes it 12-11 Lyons...Timeout Naperville Central...

6:39pm Shammas scores from seven meters after the timeout to tie the game at 11-11 with 1:00 to go...

6:35pm Cosentino scores a powerplay goal from seven meters to make it 11-8 Lyons...Bell assists Olsen on a goal from the left side to cut it to 11-9...Stein out of the net to make a steal...Busse makes a steal at two meters for Lyons...Stein denies Nemecek at two meters...Shammas gets open at two meters for a goal with 1:35 remaining...

6:31pm Halperin and Stein make saves on each team's first possesion...Bell draws a kickout but Halperin makes a save...Leclair makes a steal...Halperin denies a lob by Saltzman...Nemecek draws a kickout, then Lyons gets another ejection, and Castro scores from the right side to make the score 10-7.

6:25pm Nemecek draws a four meter and scores to make it 9-7. Central draws a kickout and takes a timeout with 0:47 left in the third period. Lyons with a save and a field block to prevent Central from getting within one at the end of the quarter.

6:17pm Nemecek scores on a powerplay goal to get Lyons ahead 8-6. Alberts responds with a lob from the left side and cuts the lead down to 8-7. Stein makes a save with 2:45 left in the third.

6:14pm Nemecek scores as Stein comes out of the net for the steal attempt and Lyons leads 6-4. Stein takes away a goal from Castro from two meters to keep Central within striking distance. Castro draws an ejection and Nemecek scores from the left side as Lyons now leads 7-4. Ben Li scores on a lob from seven meters out (assisted by Bell) and the score is now 7-5. Bell turns his defender at two meters and scores to make it 7-6.


6:07pm Mike Castro scores from the left post to give Lyons a 5-4 advantage. Stein deflects Nemecek's shot at two meters to keep the Redhawks within one. Busse deflects Alberts' shot out of bounds late in the period, then Halperin denies Bell from two meters with 0:16 left in the half.

6:01pm Halperin makes a save on Saltzman's outside shot early in the second period. Cosentino gets open and scores from the left side on a drive to tie the game at 3-3. Halperin blocks a close shot by Kevin Bell to keep the score even. Scott Nemecek scores from the left side on a powerplay goal to put the Lions ahead 4-3. Leclair lobs a shot from the left side as the shot clock expires to tie the game at 4-4.

5:55pm Olsen draws a kickout and then scores on a man-up situation from outside seven meters to make the score 3-2. Stein makes a save on an outside shot but Busse makes a steal before the end of the half as Central leads Lyons 3-2 after one period.

5:50pm Scott Nemecek breaks the tie with a lob shot to make it 2-1, but Stein denies a lob by Pter Cosentino on the next play. Pat Leclair hits the crossbar and Koral Halperin draws a foul to prevent a goal. Halperin blocks a shot by Tyler Olsen, but Ryan Alberts recovers the loose ball in front, draws a four meter, then scores the penalty shot to tie the game at 2-2.

5:48pm Both defenses string early on...Paul Busse gets open on a breakaway and scores to put Lyons up 1-0....Max Saltzman assists Jadd Shammas on a drive to tie the score at 1-1.

5:33pm Both teams are in the water warming up. Starting lineups and other info coming soon. The winner will play Latin tomorrow at 9:00am.

Strating lineups:


Naperville Central-