Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Difference Between All-Illpolo and All-State

As you notice on the main page this morning or whenever you get a chance to check the site from here on out, there are two main teams listed to recognize the players for their 2006 performances. The first one is All-Illpolo and the second one is All-State. Here is a description as best as I can put it with the pros and cons of each:

The All-Illpolo Teams are selected by aka Aaron Brown. I do get a ton of feedback from coaches and others to help with selections, but the key factor to these teams is that they are basically MY opinion based mainly on what I saw during the course of the season. Therefore, you can accept them as the definitive list of the best players considering that I probably saw 200+ games this season, or you can write them off saying "well, it's just one person's opinion". And, in all honesty, if it falls somewhere in between those two thoughts, it probably ends up being pretty good. You will notice with All-Illpolo, there is always an extra team or two listed when possible (Fifth, Sixth Team) and/or each team consists of 11-13 players instead of the usual 10 selections made for All-State. The reason for doing this is simple; it allows the best player from a top team to be included in a list of the best players, but also allows for multiple deserving players from the "best of the best" teams as well. And as for the extra team, there are always a ton of deserving players from teams that might either be rebuilding, are relatively new, etc. that have a player or two who should get recognized for their accomplishments.

The All-State Teams are selected by whichever coaches show up to the selection meeting on the Monday after the state tournament. Roughly, you get about 30 coaches or so who attend from each gender, which means that around half of the coaches in the state get to vote. Generally, if a coach does not show up, they do not get to nominate their players and they miss out on their chance to be selected, though there are always a few exceptions to this rule. The next factor here is that a team plays a maximum of 30 games, not including the postseason, but when you consider that most teams play the same opponents 2-3 times per year, that means a coach is limited in the amount of teams and players they get a chance to see.

Now, I need to take a breather since it sounds as if I am only pointing out the negatives of this process...some of the postives include: a coach knows his/her players better than anyone else, so they can nominate them for the teams based on what they have seen day in and day out in practice and at games. Second, in most major sports, teams are selected by the media (i.e. Daily Herald, Chicago Tribune, Sun-Times), but there definitely aren't enough resources, reporters, or anyone who has seen a majority of the teams who can vote or select such a team, so the coaches could be considered the next best option. All-State has also been around for a much longer time than All-Illpolo, so it has always been recognized as the crowning individual achievement. It also includes a strict 10 players per team (unless a tie occurs) amount and has three official teams (First, Second, Third) and a fourth list that is termed 'Honorable Mention'. An argument against both of these policies could be that with more teams participating in the sport and with more exposure being provided, a total number of 40 players on 4 teams does not allow for enough players to get rewarded for their achievements.

This year's breakdown
While the difference is that 20 boys teams are represented on the All-State Team and 23 are listed on the All-Illpolo Team, the major difference is on the girls side, where only 20 teams are represented on the All-State Team and 30 are listed on the All-Illpolo Team. One benefit to players with Illpolo is that their vote or nomination does not depend on their coach attending the meeting.

Another factor is to look at the breakdown of the individual teams. Especially focusing on the top teams, Fenwick's girls won state and got 6 on All-State, while on All-Illpolo, their two-meter defender was also recognized. Next, Stevenson, who lost 3 games in 2006, with all coming against Fenwick, only got an astonishing 3 players on All-State. On can at least double that amount.

Another factor to look at is on the boys side and who makes what team. Fenwick went 35-0 and won the state tournament. They won by a lot. Some might use the word 'domination' to describe their performance. Yet, they only got two players on the All-State First Team. Two other players who most would consider highly deserving of a place on the First Team fell to the Second Team after the voting took place. Conversely, all four players made the All-Illpolo First Team, with another player making the Second Team as well.

I'm sure there are even more ways to breakdown each of these lists but it's 2:00am on a Wednesday and I'm thinking I might need to make some serious changes if I'm doing postseason water polo blog entries instead of sleeping. I miss it already...

Monday, May 15, 2006

All-State, Postseason Awards, Etc...

The water polo season continues tonight, with the All-State Selection Meeting allowing coaches to vote on the top players in the state. While the results should be known by the end of the night (or earlier into tomorrow morning, depending on how things go), we will post the results on Thursday to allow the coaches to inform their own players of their accomplishment. Later this month, the players who make the All-State Team will be honored at the postseason awards banquet...information/forms can be located on should also have individual awards done early this week. Rankings by Tuesday. DVD info by Wednesday (hopefully). New videos are loaded from over the weekend, ranging from the quarterfinal highlights to the state title games. And if you are still interested in helping keep the site going and would like to make a donation, we are now accepting Paypal on the site.

Thank you for your support this season!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Dust Settles On State Tournament

Just in case anyone is reloading the site expecting some new crazy-like stuff, well, cool...cuz I'm gonna end up working well into the night downloading and editing videos and adding some award-type stuff and who knows what else at 2:00am...isn't this what most 24-year olds do on Saturday night?

Check it...4 hours of video will be condensed into like 3-4 vidz by the end of the weekend...we have the postseason awards coming up too with player of the year, freshman of the year, most improved player, coach of the year, and whatever else...

We have NEW rankings coming on, ahem, Monday it is definitely harder than most sports when the IHSA geography messes with everything to figure out where a top team like St Pats fits into the mix even though they were mistakenly omitted from the state tournament once again...

Then there are the thoughts and comments from the weekend, UNCENSORED!!!!!!!!!!!!...or something. I was there from Thursday afternoon, 3:00pm, until Saturday night, 10:00pm (well I left a bunch of times but I didnt miss a minute of polo). So I'll talk about some random stuff. Like I am now, I guess. I'm loopy, it was a long weekend.

I'll also talk about some DVD action coming soon. Cuz like, I want to get ALL the footage I've captured out to anyone who wants to see their son, daughter, friend, nephew, uncle (some high schoolers are uncles like the Pirate in the stands on Friday, more on that later), or themselves on video. And whatever you have seen on YouTube is garbage compared to the REAL quality on DVD. I mean, it's not HDTV or anything, but who needs that when you have Illpolo TV?!?!!?!

Oh, and I'll mention this again later, but WHAT is the deal with all the cameras and Comcast coverage of the state championship water polo game? I mean, I guess I find it interesting that the majority of everyone who was on the deck at the end of the night on Saturday has NEVER been to another game this year and they just show up and swoop in to cover water polo. Forget that...I'm really mad that the one guy got in front of my shot when Fenwick was holding up the trophy. The guys from Comcast just felt free to walk right across the camera while I was filming. Yeah, I thought about pulling the plug from their truck-to-broadcast connection, but that would only hurt the teams playing and not so much Comcast.

I'm sorta bitter too...last year the guy from Comcast called me about being the color commentator for the Stevenson-Mundelein boys game, and then 10 seconds into the conversation he blew me off and said NOT INTERESTED but i gave him the illpolo site address anyways and uhh...I dunno, he thought I was someone else I guess, hung up abruptly, checked my site on his own, called me back frantically a few minutes later and begged me to announce for them. Gee thanks. So I did anyway, and the guy I was announcing with knew nothing about polo, so I ended up doing most of his work too and it's on tape or DVD somewhere and I need that footage actually. If you have it, send it to me. Trust me, I was like the Steve Stone of water polo announcing. I did get a check from Comcast for announcing and a polo shirt that I haven't worn since, but it was funny seeing the guy who produced the game just walk by me today. Coming soon...Comcast vs Illpolo. Or something.

Midnight hits and I need to do something other than randomly type so I'll be back all need to see the Super Ballers this week (Jean-Claude Van Damme and a pirate are involved and that's all you need to know!)

Fenwick 13 Ignatius 5 (Final)


8:49pm Farren Rixter led Fenwick with 6 goals, Morgan Bonk added 3, and Alison Pavlik scored twice. Kaitlin Kysiak and Keely Baldwin both had one goal. Nora Kennelley led Ignatius with 4 goals and Kathleen Maloney also tallied one score.

8:48pm Kennelly scores again from set to make it 13-5 in the final minute.

8:43pm Rixter gets a goal from two meters out to make the score 12-3 in the first minute of the fourth quarter...Rixter gets her second tally of the period...Kennelly scores from two meters out to make the score 13-4 late in the fourth quarter.

8:37pm Kennelly ends the scoring drought for the Wolfpack, then assists Kathleen Maloney on a breakaway goal to cut the lead to 11-3. Hybinette makes a solid save late in the period but Ridgeway fires over the net with 0:11 seconds left and we head to the fourth and final period.

8:30pm No scoring in the first minute...Bonk puts in a rebound midway through the period and it is 11-1 Friars.

8:23pm Before halftime, Kaitlin Kysiak comes in off the bench and drives/scores down the right side, and Rixter adds a late goal as the Friars have a dominant second quarter en route to a 10-1 halftime lead.

8:20pm Bonk adds another goal from the left side and the score is 8-1 with 2:00 remaining in the period.

8:17pm Fenwick takes a 6-1 lead as Morgan Bonk scores from the left post. Baldwin scores again from the right side on a drive and Fenwick is now breaking the game open, leading 7-1.

8:14pm Rixter scores twice from two meters, the first coming on a set play, the second off an assist from Romano in transition.

8:09pm Neither team can score in the last two minutes of the period, as McCarthy and Hybinette have made a few saves each for their respective teams.

8:07pm Baldwin scores on a shot from outside to make it 3-1 Fenwick.

8:00pm Alison Pavlik gets Fenwick on the board first after drawing a kickout on a drive...Laurel McCarthy elevates to make a save...Farren Rixter puts one in from two meters out...Nora Kennelly answers from two meters to cut the lead in half...Rixter draws an ejection and but misses from outside.

Fenwick 19 Latin 5 (Final)


7:26pm Barrett fires a pass to McKernin on the opposite side of the pool after his drive, and he immediately puts it in for a 16-5 Fenwick lead. Fenwick scores twice more to increase the lead to 18-5...hue standing ovation as all the starters have been taken out...another timeout taken to allow senior goalie Chris Jones to get a standing ovation. Final minute of the game...Bob Tentler scores with 0:33 seconds left and Fenwick leads it 19-5. The Latin starters are taken out after a great postseason run leads to a second place finish.

7:22pm Fyfe makes a block on Wendt's drive...Barrett a steal on the defensive end...

7:20pm Chris Bonk hits a shot from outside seven meters on Fenwick's first possession...Jones makes a save and assists Baldwin on a breakaway goal to make the score 15-5.

7:16pm Fenwick leads 13-5 and is one quarter away from a state championship!!!

7:14pm The blog is now working and contains this same information. I'll keep posting in both places until the end of the game. Jump ball is knocked down by Meyer at two meters and Fenwick is on the move...Parolin turns his defender on the left post to score and give the Friars a 13-5 lead.

7:10pm Baldwin picks up a loose ball after Mayer's shot went off the post and puts it in to make the score 10-5...Matt Meyer scores his third goal of the game on a drive to increase the lead to 11-5...Barrett comes wide open on the right side and takes a pass from Jones all the way in for a goal as Fenwick takes a timeout leading 12-5.

7:07pm Jones blocks a four meter penalty shot by Himmel to keep the Friars ahead by four...timeout Latin.

7:04pm Baldwin opens the period with a goal from the left side and the score is now 9-4...Tim Wickes connects from outside seven meters; 9-5 Fenwick...

6:56pm Fenwick's final possession of the half results in a goal as Baldwin hits Parolin in front to make the score 7-4. Correction...the Friars make a steal and score again, same play, same result...Parolin scores his second straight and Fenwick takes an 8-4 lead into halftime.

6:55pm Baldwin just misses from in front, and Himmel fires a backhand into the back of the net with 0:39 seconds left and cuts the advantage to 6-4.

6:53pm The blog isn't working so just check this page for awhile...Wendt throws across the pool to find Luke Baldwin open for a goal from the left wing. Fenwick now leading 6-3 with 1:27 left in the half.

6:52pm Barrett scores from two meters out after a foul to make the score 5-2, but Himmel responds with a goal from the left flat to make it 5-3.

6:50pm After the timeout, Kettlewell scores at two meters for Latin to get the score to 4-2.

6:46pm Jones with two huge saves to limit Latin to just one goal thus far. Timeout for Latin at the 4:00 mark.

6:45pm Parolin with a goal after an ejection to make the score 4-1 Fenwick with 5:33 left in the half.

6:43pm For Fenwick, the first quarter goals were scored by Matt Meyer (2 goals) and Andrew McKernin.

6:40pm Extremely fast first quarter, as Jordan Himmel put Latin ahead early with a goal, but Fenwick responded with three straight scores to take a 3-1 lead into the second quarter. Updates will be a little less than normal as I am trying to film, broadcast, edit, and blog at the same time.

6:26pm Starting lineups are being will start a few minutes late; probably a 6:35pm start.

6:00pm The boys championship begins at 6:30pm. Starting lineups for Fenwick and Latin:

Fenwick: Jones, Barrett, Parolin, McKernin, Baldwin, Meyer, Wendt

Latin: Fyfe, Himmel, Kettlewell, Wickes, Wickes, Wilkie, Arvin

Stevenson 11 McAuley 5 (Final)

6:00pm Leading scorers: Terri Bukofzer with 7, Jesse Shopiro with 2, Sam Gibson and Rebecca Shopiro with 1 goal each. For McAuley, Maggie Wood scored three goals and Laura Perez added 2 scores.

5:54pm Cliburn makes a save on a drive by Meghan Nolan and Stevenson takes a timeout. Romo makes a save late to keep Stevenson from scoring, but Patriots backup goalie Janelle Bartman makes a save to clinch the win.

5:47pm After a few minutes of solid defense, Jesse Shopiro scores on a lob shot from the right side to make the score 10-5...Bukofzer follows that with a breakaway goal and puts Stevenson in control 11-5.

5:41pm After the timeout, Bukofzer takes a post from Jesse Shopiro on the left post to score and put Stevenson ahead 8-4...Jesse Shopiro lobs a shot in after a drive to the right post and makes it 9-5.

5:38pm Wood hits the post from the left side, but Perez is there for the rebound goal and gets McAuley to within 7-4. Rebecca Shopiro draws an ejection and Stevenson takes a timeout.

5:34pm Bukofzer scores in the first minute of the period from two meters to give the Patriots a 7-2 advantage...Maggie Wood scores from two meters to make the score 7-3.

5:27pm Perez scores at the end of the half to cut the lead down to 6-2.

5:23pm Bukofzer scores at two meters for Stevenson with 0:49 seconds left until halftime. The Patriots now lead 6-1.

5:19pm Maggie Wood gets McAuley in the scoring column with a goal from two meters and makes the score 5-1 with 2:39 left in the half.

5:13pm After stops on both ends, Samantha Gibson gets her first goal to make the score 4-0. Rebecca Shopiro follows that effort with a goal and the Patriots are out in front 5-0.

5:07pm Kelly makes a save to deny Bukofzer on a breakaway chance...Bukofzer scores on a breakaway goal, assisted by Rebecca Shopiro, and McAuley takes a timeout trailing 3-0.

5:05pm Bukofzer scores at two meters to put the Patriots in front 1-0...Michelau assist Bukofzer on her second goal and Stevenson leads 2-0.

5:04pm Cliburn makes two big saves early in the period, and neither team is able to generate any offense halfway through the opening period.

5:00pm The girls consolation game is set to get underway...

Stevenson-Cliburn, Bukofzer, Shopiro, Shopiro, Michelau, Wanland, Gibson
McAuley-Kelly, Cortez, Gonzalez, Ginger, Jackson, Nolan, Perez

Lyons 11 Mundelein 10 (Final)

4:30pm Mike Castro led the scoring for Lyons with 4 goals, Scott Nemecek, Pat Wilkins, and Peter Cosentino each scored twice, and Mark Nemecek added a late goal. Mundelein was led on offense by Andrew Peterson, who scored 6 goals, while Brandon Schawel tallied 3 scores and Sean Larsen added one goal.

4:28pm Nemecek gets open on a breakaway after an offensive foul call with :34 seconds left and scores the game-winner and Lyons finishes in third place with an 11-10 win.

4:21pm Schawel catches a pass on the right post and puts it in to tie the game, assisted by Larsen...Peterson scores from the right side to put the Mustangs ahead 10-9...Scott's backhand from four meters out goes wide right with 1:34 left...Pat Wilkins ties the game up with a shot from the right wing and Mundelein takes a timeout.

4:17pm Peterson scores on Mundelein's first possession of the period from outside...Scott Nemecek responds with a goal from the left wing to tie the game at 8-8...Halperin makes a strong save to keep the game tied...Peterson with a steal on defense...Busse makes a steal...Halperin makes a save with 4:17 to go...Mark Nemecek lobs a shot in after a drive to give Lyons a 9-8 lead.

4:13pm Neither team can score in the final two minutes and we head to the fourth quarter tied at 7-7.

4:07pm Halperin denies an outside shot by Larsen to keep the score tied...Peterson forces a turnover for Mundelein...Halperin with a strong block on a shot by Schawel and Lyons takes a timeout with 2:00 left and the score tied at 7-7.

4:04pm So far in the third quarter, Andrew Peterson evened the game from two meters, only to see Mike Castro respond later in the period to put Lyons back in front. Peterson scored again midway through the period to tie it, and Mundelein takes their first lead on a goal from two meters out by Brandon Schawel. Castro ties it back up with a powerplay goal with 2:24 to go in the period.

3:55pm Castro lobs a shot in from the right wing before the end of the half and Lyons takes a 5-4 lead at the break.

3:52pm Sean Larsen turns his defender to score at two meters, cutting the lead down to 4-3...Halperin makes a save to keep Lyons ahead by one...Rayome denies Cosentino from outside...Peterson ties the game with a goal from just outside two meters...Rayome blocks a shot by Wilkins out of bounds...

3:46pm Peterson draws a foul and gives an assist to Brandon Schawel on a shot from the outside to make the score 3-2...Cosentino draws a kickout but Rayome makes a save for the Mustangs...Schawel rocks the post with an outside shot but Lyons goes on the attack...Cosentino scores again for the Lions, who own a 4-2 lead midway through the second period.

3:42pm Wilkins scores from the right wing to make the score 3-1 as the first quarter comes to an end.

3:39pm Peterson a steal but the Mundelein offense is nonexistent early due to a strong Lyons defense...Castro catches the crossbar for Lyons...Peterson a field block and then recovers the loose ball...Peterson then scores at two meters to cut the lead in half (2-1 Lyons).

3:35pm Brandon Schawel forces a turnover then draws an ejection in the early stages of the game...Cosentino scores from the point as Lyons was on the advantage and they take a 1-0 lead...Wilkins hits the crossbar with a lob...Nemecek catches a pass from Busse and in one motion throws it into the back of the net to give Lyons a 2-0 lead as Mundelein takes a timeout.

3:30pm Third place game getting underway right.......NOW!


Lyons-Halperin, Nemecek, Nemecek, Castro, Wilkins, Busse, Cosentino
Mundelein-Rayome, Peterson, Schawel, Schott, Selle, Gates, Larsen

State Finals Set

As the dust settles on the morning semifinal action, here is what is coming up beginning at 3:30pm:

3:30pm Mundelein vs Lyons

5:00pm Stevenson vs McAuley

6:30pm Fenwick vs Latin

8:00pm Fenwick vs Ignatius

See ya at 3:30pm........

Ignatius 10 McAuley 3 (Final)

1:40pm Ignatius was led by Nora Kennelly's 7 goals, while Kate Brankin, Kathleen Maloney, and Yadi Leon each scored once. Lilly Gonzalez, Lilly Cortez, and Ashley Bachler each scored one goal apiece for the Mighty Macs.

1:34pm Hybinette makes a save on McAuley's next shot attempt, then assists Kathleen Maloney on a breakaway goal...Hybinette makes another save as Cortez came open on a drive down the left side...Ignatius runs out the clock to advance to the championship game!

1:31pm Romo comes out of the net at two meters to make a steal from Kennelly, but Kennelly gets a steal on the defensive end...Cortez and McShane team up for a steal at two meters and McAuley takes their second timeout.

1:29pm Kennelly responds with a goal from two meters and Ignatius holds an 8-3 advantage...Leon makes a steal on the defensive end...Leon scores from outside seven meters as the shot clock expires for a 9-3 Ignatius lead with 5:01 left.

1:27pm After an ejection, Ashley Bachler gets McAuley a bit closer with a goal from the left side to make the score 7-3 with 6:02 to go.

1:23pm Romo makes a save at the end of the quarter, but Ignatius maintains a 7-2 lead with one more period to play.

1:20pm Brankin gets open on a counterattack and Hybinette finds her for a goal from the left wing. Romo makes two brilliant saves for McAuley, but Hybinette grabs another save and Kennelly scores again on a backhand from two meters and the Wolfpack now leads 7-2 late in the third period.

1:15pm Kennelly scores on a backhand at two meters and McAuley uses a timeout as they trail 5-2 with 4:0 left in the third period.

1:10pm Wood makes a steal to prevent an Ignatius scoring chance, but Maloney does the same on the other end for Ignatius...Gonzalez makes a steal at two meters with 5:20 to go in the third...Hybinette makes a save on a penalty shot by Wood.

1:04pm Brankin hits the post on a breakaway chance...Leon with a steal but Kennelly fires over the goal...Perez shoots wide left from seven meters out with 1:23 left in the half...Perez makes a steal in the defensive end, but Hybinette denies Wood on a shot from two meters...Kennelly scores on a pass from Ridgeway into two meters and Ignatius leads 4-2 with 0:14 seconds left in the half.

1:01pm Wood nicks the post on a shot from the corner...Kennelly fights to score from two meters and gives Ignatius the 3-2 lead.

12:59pm Kennelly fights for a loose ball and scores to tie the game early in the second quarter. McAuley goalie Genesis Romo makes a save, then Ali Durkin makes a steal to prevent a goal after a kickout...Romo makes another save and Durkin makes another steal.

12:53pm Gonzalez ties the score with a shot from outside seven meters...Genesis Romo and Gonzalez team up for a steal at two meters on the defensive end...Lilly Cortez gives McAuley their first lead with a goal to make the score 2-1. McShane hits the crossbar as time expires in the first quarter.

12:52pm Lilly Gonzalez misses wide right on the game's first shot...she then gets a steal on the defensive end...Hybinette makes a steal on a pass into two meters...Kennelly lofts a shot in from two meters to give Ignatius an early 1-0 lead.

12:51pm We are underway!!!

12:50pm is the slated start time for the final quarterfinal matchup. Starting lineups coming soon:

McAuley-Genesis Romo, Maggie Wood, Laura Perez, Lilly Cortez, Lilly Gonzalez, Elaine Ginger, Amy Jackson
Ignatius-Megan Hybinette, Nora Kennelly, Kathleen Maloney, Yadi Leon, Ali Durkin, Kate Brankin, Maisie O'Malley

Fenwick 14 Stevenson 6 (Final)

12:30pm Leading scorers...Farren Rixter with 5, Keely Baldwin with 4, and Alison Pavlik, Erin Leary, Trisha Osmalak, Christina Romano, and Morgan Bonk each scored once. For Stevenson...Terri Bukofzer had 5 goals and Mia Cipperoni added one.

12:29am Mia Cipperoni comes in off the bench to score at two meters for Stevenson...Trisha Osmalak responds for the Friars with a goal in the final minute to seal the 14-6 win for Fenwick.

12:25pm Cliburn makes a save on a shot from seven meters by Leary...Wanland shoots over the net from the left side...Romano draws an ejection but Bonk hits the post...Rixter scores from two meters to widen the lead to 13-5 with 2:18 remaining.

12:23pm McCarthy makes a save at the beginning of the final quarter..Baldwin scores from outside to make the Fenwick lead 11-4...Baldwin with a steal and an assist on the counterattack goal by Bonk...Rebecca Shopiro hits the right post from the left side...Bukofzer with a breakaway goal, assisted by Katie Michelau and the score is 12-5.

12:17pm At the end of the quarter, Rixter scores at two meters and Fenwick now leads 10-4.

12:13pm Cliburn denies Bonk from in front as Fenwick was on the advantage...Bukofzer shoots over the goal from four meters...Rixter draws a four meter and Baldwin scores on the penalty shot to make it 9-3. Bukofzer draws a four meter and scores to end the Friars run and get to within 9-4 with 0:45 left in the third period.

12:11pm McCarthy comes up big again to save a shot from Wanland from the left side after an ejection, and she saves another shot by Katie Michelau on Stevenson's next possession.

12:08pm Wanland makes a steal but McCarthy stops Bukofzer at two meters and Leary grabs the loose ball...Rixter adds another goal to make the score 8-3 as Stevenson takes a timeout.

12:06pm Cliburn makes a save on Rixter's two meter attempt...Leary creates a turnover for Fenwick...Rixter puts in a shot from two meters with two defenders on her and makes the score 6-3...Leary helps deflect a shot by Bukofzer into the hands of McCarthy...Jesse Shopiro with a Stevenson steal...Romano into two meters for a steal then assists Baldwin on a breakaway goal as Fenwick threatens to break the game open early in the third period.

11:59am McCarthy makes a huge breakaway save to keep the Friars up by two, Bonk draws a kickout and Fenwick cannot score, but she gets a steal on the defensive end...Stevenson gets one last chance before the half but Pavlik makes a steal as time expires.

11:56am Bukofzer drives in and shoots but McCarthy deflects her shot off the post...Bukofzer a steal at two meters...Shopiro draws a four meter and Bukofzer skips a shot in to make it 5-3.

11:53am Cliburn and McCarthy trade saves on back-to-back possessions, and Rixter scores from two meters to put the Friars ahead 5-2 midway through the second quarter.

11:52am Leary and Romano team up for a steal at two meters, and Baldwin scores from the outside to make the score 4-2.

11:50am Bukofzer opens the quarter with a lob shot for a goal to cut the lead to 3-2...she then draws a four meter, but Laurel McCarthy makes a huge save and Fenwick calls timeout leading by one.

11:46am Rixter draws an ejection but the Friars cannot capitalize...Amy Michelau makes a steal but the Patriots come up short on their the closing seconds of the period, McCarthy denies a Bukofzer backhand from two meters with 0:05 seconds left, but Katie Michelau draws a four meter as time expires and Bukofzer scores on the penalty shot to get Stevenson to within 3-1 at the end of the opening period.

11:41am Pavlik delivers from the left side and the Friars go up 3-0 as Stevenson takes their first timeout with 2:30 remaining in the first quarter.

11:39am Baldwin makes a steal and draws an ejection, then scores from the outside to give the Friars a 2-0 advantage.

11:38am Romano starts the scoring with a lob shot after a drive to make the score 1-0 Fenwick.

11:36am Keely Baldwin makes a steal but Rachel Cliburn saves her breakaway attempt to start the game...Romano with a steal on Stevenson's next possession...Bonk shoots over the net...McCarthy out of the net for a steal from Bukofzer.

11:32am The first girls quarterfinal game gets underway a little bit after 11:30am. Starting lineups:

Fenwick-Laurel McCarthy, Alison Pavlik, Keely Baldwin, Christina Romano, Farren Rixter, Erin Leary, Morgan Bonk
Stevenson-Rachel Cliburn, Terri Bukofzer, Katie Michelau, Jess Shopiro, Aubrey Wanland, Rebecca Shopiro, Samantha Gibson

Fenwick 17 Mundelein 1 (Final)

11:20am Fenwick was lead by John Barrett, who scored 6 goals, Luke Baldwin added 4 scores, Tom Parolin tallied 3 goals, Andrew McKernin put in 2 scores, and Dan Wolak and Matt Meyer each scored once in the win. Mark Selle scored the lone goal for Mundelein.

11:14am Baldwin assists Dan Wolak on a goal, and the final score ends up 17-1 in favor of Fenwick.

11:09am Jones makes a save to start the fourth period, and after a few minutes of defensive stops, Barrett scores at two meters to make the score 16-1.

11:01am Amazing shot from Parolin at two meters, who lets the ball hit the water and just flips it over his head as the goalie came out of the cage, and the ball falls just beyond the goalline for a 14-1 Fenwick lead. Barrett scores on a breakaway, assisted by Jones, and the Friars are ahead 15-1 at the end of the third quarter.

10:59am Parolin makes a steal in his own end and goes the distance for a breakaway goal...Jones with a save on an outside shot.

10:57am McKernin draws a four meter and Mundelein now has two starters with three ejections...Baldwin puts in the penalty shot to make it 12-1.

10:54am Parolin draws an ejection and Barrett scores to start the half...Parolin makes a steal, but Peterson gets a steal on the other end...Barrett scores again from outside to make it 9-1 Friars...Parolin connects from the left side to make the lead 10-1 Fenwick...McKernin pushes in a rebound after a save by Rayome and Fenwick now leads 11-1.

10:47am Fenwick holds a 7-1 lead at halftime.

10:44am Mark Selle scores from the right side to get Mundelein on the scoreboard...Barrett draws an ejection but the Friars cannot score...Jones makes a save on Peterson from just outside two meters...Rayome denies a drive by Chris Bonk, who recovers the loose ball, but Peterson makes a steal...Barrett assists Baldwin in transition, as his lob shot drops in the bottom right corner to make it 7-1 Fenwick.

10:41am Barrett draws a kickout, but Rayome denies Chris Wendt from the right corner twice, then Andrew Peterson grabs his lob shot as it was about to cross the goalline to prevent a goal. Brandon Schawel draws an ejection for the Mustangs, who then take their second timeout with 2:45 left in the half.

10:36am Barrett skips a shot in from the right side and gives the Friars a 5-0 lead. Wolak assists Luke Baldwin on a drive down the middle and Fenwick has a 6-0 lead with 4:24 remaining in the half.

10:30am Rayome makes a save on Dan Wolak's shot from the corner, Parolin grabs the rebound and backhands a shot off the crossbar and Mundelein recovers as the period ends.

10:27am Luke Baldwin takes a pass from Barrett on a drive and scores to make it 3-0 Fenwick...Rayome denies Parolin on a backhand attempt...Mundelein struggling to generate offense, but Peterson turns his defender but shoots over the goal, and Barrett draws a four meter penalty and puts in the shot to make the score 4-0.

10:24am John Barrett fights off four defenders and almost scores, but Tyler Rayome is out for the eventual steal...After an ejection, Andrew McKernin scores from the left post with 4:4 left in the opening period and Mundelein calls a timeout.

10:22am Matt Meyer scores from the right post to give Fenwick the early lead.

10:20am The teams are announced and we are set for the second game of the boys state semifinals. Starting lineups:

Fenwick-Chris Jones, John Barrett, Andrew McKernin, Matt Meyer, Tom Parolin, Luke Baldwin, Chris Wendt
Mundelein-Tyler Rayome, Geoff Schott, Mark Selle, Brandon Schawel, Andrew Peterson, Sean Larsen, Grant Gates

Latin 12 Lyons 11 (Final)

10:05am Grant Wilkie scored 5 goals and Jordan Himmel score 4 times to lead the Romans, Tim Wickes added the game-winner, and Sam Kettlewell and Steve Wickes also scored once. Lyons was led by Pat Wilkins with 6 goals, Peter Cosentino scored twice, and Mark Nemecek, Mike Castro, and Scott Nemecek each scored once.

10:02am Henry Fyfe makes a save with three seconds left and Tim Wickes pushes the ball to the corner as time expires and Latin advances to the state championship!!!

10:00am With under 0:30 seconds left, Wilkie draws an ejection on the perimeter, then assists Tim Wickes with a shot from the right wing with just 0:11 seconds remaining and Latin takes a 12-11 lead. Lyons takes a timeout to set up a final play.

9:58am Wilkie takes a pass from Himmel on the right post to tie the score at 11-11...After an ejection, Henry Fyfe comes up big with a save, and the rebound attempt is backhanded wide of the net...Latin takes a timeout with 1:37 remaining and the score tied at 11-11.

9:56am With 2:40 left, Cosentino drills a shot into the left corner to put Lyons back on top 11-10.

9:54am Himmel with a goal from two meters to tie the game at 10-10 with 3:40 left.

9:50am Wilkins scores on a powerplay from the right side to put Lyons ahead 10-8...Himmel responds with agoal from two meters to get the Romans back to within one...Lyons takes a timeout after a missed shot by Latin.

9:44am Castro gets open down the pool after a steal by Lyons and scores to make it 9-7...After drawing an ejection, Himmel scores off a pass from Tim Wickes to cut the lead to 9-8 at the end of the period.

9:39pm Cosentino drives and scores his second straight off a feed from Castro...Kettlewell over the net on a lob...Fyfe gets up to make a save on a lob by Wilkins and Latin takes a timeout.

9:33am Wilkie opens the half with a goal from two meters...Wilkins answers with a goal of his own from the right side...Wilkie comes back with another goal at two meters...Cosentino scores off a pass from Scott Nemecek after driving and stopping at four meters...Wilkie gets loose again at two meters and tips in a loose ball to make the score 7-6 with 4:00 to go in the third...Wilkins hits the opposite post on a lob from the right side...Jordan Himmel ties it at the 3:32 mark with a goal from the left post after driving down the middle.

9:26am Halperin makes two saves after the timeout...Steve Wickes scores from the seven meter mark, but Wilkins comes back down to score from two meters with 0:37 seconds left in the half to put the Lions back ahead by two...Lyons leads at the half 5-3 after each team makes a stop in the final two possessions.

9:22am Willkins gets rid of a backhand as the shot clock expires and just nicks the post...Wilkie draws a kickout but Latin turns it over...Mark Nemecek lofts a shot over Fyfe from the left side and Latin takes a timeout, trailing Lyons by a score of 4-2 with 2:00 left in the half.

9:19am Allen makes a steal for the Romans...Fyfe up to make a save on a lob by Wilkins from the left side...Kettlewell shoots over the net from outside...Tim Wickes with two ejections, neither team has taken a timeout yet...

9:16am Kettlewell makes a steal in a 5-on-5 situation and comes down to elevate, catch, and score off a pass from Steve Wickes to get Latin on the board...Wilkie a field block to start the counterattack for Latin...Himmel drives in and shoots but Halperin just gets his hand on it before it goes in the net...Lyons gets a powerplay chance but Cosentino fires wide left...Conor Allen assists Wilkie on a goal from the left post to get Latin to within one.

9:11am Neither team can score in final minute and Lyons takes a 3-0 lead into the second quarter.

9:07am Halperin another save to keep the shutout...Steve Wickes causes a turnover...Wilkie draws an ejection but Latin cannot score...Kettlewell with his second steal of the period...Nemecek draws an ejection and Wilkins scores from the same spot to make it 3-0.

9:03am Scott Nemecek opens the scoring on Lyons' first possession with a goal from two meters...Kettlewell makes a nice steal at two meters to keep the Romans within one...Halperin makes a save for the Lions; Cosentino shoots wide left...Halperin out of the net for a steal...Pat Wilkins delivers from the left wing with a man-advantage to put Lyons ahead 2-0.

9:00am Starting lineups for each team:

Lyons-Koral Halperin, Paul Busse, Scott Nemecek, Mark Nemecek, Mike Castro, Pat Wilkins, Peter Cosentino
Latin-Henry Fyfe, Sam Kettlewell, Grant Wilkie, Jordan Himmel, Ryan Arvin, Tim Wickes, Steve Wickes

8:45am Live from Stevenson High School, the first boys' semifinal begins in just 15 minutes, with Latin taking on Lyons at 9:00am. Live play-by-play begins then...

State Quarterfinal Top Players

After the first eight games leading up to the weekend, here are the Top 10 Performers as we saw from the deck:

-- Jordan Himmel (Latin)
Scored five goals from two meters and was nearly unstoppable on the offensive end for Latin.

-- Sam Kettlewell (Latin)
Set the tone for the Romans with a steal/goal in the first 15 seconds of their win over Palatine and came up big on the defensive end.

-- Scott Nemecek (Lyons)
Scored 5 goals and had a major impact on offense and defense for the Lions.
-- Mike Castro (Lyons)
Scored the game winner for Lyons in the final minute to help the Lions beat Naperville Central.
-- John Barrett (Fenwick)
Broke loose for 7 goals in Fenwick's opening round win over Lincoln-Way East.
-- Chris Jones (Fenwick)
Allowed only 4 goals and recorded three assists in Fenwick's 19-4 rout of Lincoln-Way East.
-- Andrew Peterson (Mundelein)
Recorded four goals and was also strong on the defensive end to lead Mundelein to a win over Loyola.
-- Nate LeRoy (Loyola)
Tallied 3 goals and helped keep the Ramblers in the game against Mundelein.
-- Jadd Shammas (Naperville Central)
The leading scorer for Central made an impact with his outside shot and defense in their loss to Lyons.
-- Tyler Rayome (Mundelein)
Made 12 saves, including two key blocks and a steal in the closing minutes to send Mundelein to the state semifinals.

-- Erin Leary (Fenwick)
Scored 4 goals from the outside and helped Fenwick beat Naperville Central 16-4 on Friday night.
-- Farren Rixter (Fenwick)
Recorded 4 goals from two meters to help the Friars advance to a semifinal matchup with Stevenson.
-- Terri Bukofzer (Stevenson)
Scored 7 goals and led the Patriots to a win over Lincoln-Way East with a dominant first half, including the first 7 goals for Stevenson.
-- Amy Michelau (Stevenson)
Tallied 4 goals, all coming in the second half, to help the Patriots pull away from Lincoln-Way East in a 14-5 victory.
-- Nora Kennelly (St Ignatius)
Scored 5 goals , both early and late, to lead St Ignatius to the semifinals in a win over Loyola.
-- Kate Brankin (St Ignatius)
With the Wolfpack leading 6-4 and the momentum in favor of the Ramblers, Brankin scored a goal from the point to seal the 9-5 win for Ignatius.
-- Ali Durkin (St Ignatius)
Elevated to catch a high pass to score a key goal in Ignatius' win over Loyola, plus had a strong defensive game for the Wolfpack.
-- Maggie Wood (Mother McAuley)
Helped the Mighty Macs advance to the second round with 3 goals and 5 assists in a tremendous all-around performance.
-- Eileen Turkot (Barrington)
Had a strong performance in the net, keeping the Fillies close in the first half with a handful of solid saves.
-- Christine Menzenberger (Lincoln-Way East)
Made a major impact in goal for the Griffins to keep them in game with Stevenson for over three quarters.

Friday video coming soon...

Friday, May 12, 2006

Mother McAuley 11 Barrington 5 (Final)

9:15pm Laura Perez scores the final goal of the game as Mother McAuley advances to the semifinals with an 11-5 win.

9:10pm Wood scores again at two meters, where she has been dominant tonight...Jacie Dick gets her first goal to make the score 10-4...after an ejection, Kristine Alfonso puts in a rebound to cut the lead to 10-5.

9:05pm Wood scores early in the final period to make the score 8-1...Barrington draws two straight kickouts and Lizzie Stetson scores from the right side to make the score 8-2...Turkot denies Wood on a shot from the left side...Wood then assists Gonzalez in front and McAuley has a 9-2 edge...After an ejection, Whitney Martin tallies a goal from seven meters and gets the Fillies to within 9-3...

8:54pm Gonzalez assists Amy Jackson for the first goal of the second half and a 7-0 lead...McAuley's backup goalie Genesis Romo makes her second save of the period...Christine Byron gets Barrington on the board with a shot from the left side and makes it 7-1.

8:45pm Before the half, Wood draws a four meter and scores on the penalty shot and makes the score 6-0 in favor of McAuley at halftime.

8:40pm Wood scores on a penalty shot and makes the score 4-0 with 3:50 left in the half...Kelly makes her sixth save from in front to preserve the shutout...Turkot with a save to deny a fifth McAuley goal on a drive...Lizzie Stetson makes a steal on the defensive end, but Gonzalez and Nolan force a turnover...Wood assists Cortez on a drive to increase the advantage to 5-0 with 1:32 remaining...

8:37pm Kelly makes a save to start the second period, but Gielen gets a steal on aMcAuley drive...Wood draws an ejection, leading to a goal by Lilly Gonzalez and a 2-0 McAuley lead...Jacie Dick turns her defender but shoots over the net, and Wood draws an ejection and assists Meghan Nolan on a goal.

8:30pm Bridget Kelly makes her first save of the game, which leads to a McAuley goal by Laura Perez and a 1-0 lead...Kelly makes another save on a drive, but Turkot denies Perez on her next chance...Turkot denies Gonzalez on a drive down the right side...Gonzalez gets a steal on defense in the final minute...Flor Gielen draws a kickout, but Kelly makes a brilliant save to keep McAuley in the lead at the end of the first quarter 1-0.

8:27pm The final quarterfinal gets underway a little late...neither team can get on the board in the first three minutes, as Barrington goalie Eileen Turkot has three saves on McAuley's best chances...the McAuley defense is very strong so far, only allowing two shots on net by Barrington.

Ignatius 9 Loyola 5 (Final)

8:30pm For Ignatius, Nora Kennelly led the way with 5 goals, and Yadi Leon, Lydia Ridgeway, Kate Brankin, and Ali Durkin scored once for the Wolfpack. Loyola was led by Colleen Shaw (2 goals), while Liz Clarke, Carly Levison, and Jackie Sershon all scored one time.

8:03pm Shaw draws an ejection and Loyola takes their final timeout. Hybinette makes the save and Kennelly adds a late goal with 0:37 seconds remaining...Levison from outside scores to make it 9-5, but it's not enough, as Ignatius goes on to win 9-5.

7:58pm After the timeout, Ignatius uses the clock and Kate Brankin finds the back of the net to make the score 7-4...Hybinette makes a save and assists Kennelly on a breakaway goal as Loyola takes a timeout with 2:22 trailing 8-4.

7:55pm Loyola with a chance to cut it to one by Maloney makes a steal in transition...Shaw makes a steal at two meters...Shaw draws an ejection but Loyola cannot score...Shaw makes a steal on an Ignatius drive and Loyola draws an ejection, but Hybinette makes a save and Ignatius takes a timeout.

7:53pm Leon hits the post, Kennelly the rebound, save by Muntean!

7:52pm Jackie Sershon with a lob from the left side makes it 6-3, and Colleen Shaw follows with a goal from two meters to make it 6-4 in the first minute of the fourth quarter.

7:45pm Shaw draws an ejection at two meters...Levison shoots off the crossbar and Ridgeway makes a field block leading to a breakaway for Kennelly, but she is DENIED on chance by Muntean, who keeps the Ramblers within striking distance as they trail 6-2 at the end of the period.

7:41pm Muntean comes out to make a steal at the 3:45 mark of the third...Harig hits the post from outside and Hybinette recovers...Kennelly a steal at two meters...Carly Levison makes a steal on the perimeter for the Ramblers, but Harig tosses a lob over the net...Muntean a save on a shot by Kennelly...Leon a steal at two meters and an Ignatius timeout.

7:36pm Second half begins..Durkin steal; Ridgeway hits the post; Loyola gets a powerplay chance but Hybinette makes a save...Muntean makes a save on Leon's outside shot...Durkin elevates to catch a high pass and lobs a shot in for a 6-1 lead...Liz Clarke answers for Loyola from the left side to make it 6-2.

7:29pm Defense making stops in the final few minutes of the period; Hybinette a save; Muntean a steal, final seconds of the period...Hybinette hits the crossbar at the end of the half. 5-1 Ignatius leads at the break.

7:22pm Muntean makes a save on Maloney's outside shot; Hybinette with a steal on Jackie Sershon's drive; Muntean with a save on a shot by Kennelly from the right post; Leon with a steal from Shaw at two meters; Lydia Ridegeways's out side shot slips past Muntean for a 5-1 Ignatius lead; Hybinette a save on Sershon's drive.

7:20pm The second quarter starts, as Liz Clarke makes a steal for Loyola, but Ali Durkin is back to make the defensive stop...Hybinette throws it ahead for the eventual assist as Yadi Leon comes open on the left side to make the score 4-1 Ignatius. Timeout Loyola.

7:15pm Maloney draws an ejection; Clarke blocks Kennelly's shot out of bounds; Maloney hits the crossbar from the left post; Kennelly with a steal at two meters then advances it and scores from seven meters to make the score 3-1.

7:13pm Muntean blocks an outside shot by Maloney but Kennelly is there to score on the rebound.

7:11pm Hybinette collects a shot by Shaw that falls short of the goalline; Maloney misses over the net for Ignatius; Hybinette a save; Ali Durkin draws an ejection on Liz Clarke for Ignatius...Nora Kennelly with a crazy lob from the lane lines to the opposite corner to tie the score at 1-1.

7:04pm Yadi Leon draws an offensive foul; Kathleen Maloney shoots over goal; Colleen Shaw makes the score 1-0 with a goal from two meters; Muntean denies Maloney on an outside shot; Hybinette makes a save on Sam Shehan's drive; Shaw hits the right post on a backhand attempt; Leon makes a steal on Emily Harig's breakaway chance; Leon with a steal from Shaw at two meters.

Stevenson 14 LWE 5 (Final)

7:00pm Stevenson was led by Terri Bukofzer's 7 goals, Amy Michelau added 4 scores, Rebecca Shopiro put in 2 goals, and Katie Michelau added one tally. For LWE, Rachel Peyton scored twice, while Sharon Pomranky, Erin Reilly, and Laura Kingsbury each added one goal.

6:44pm Rebecca Shopiro scores twice in a row from outside, and Amy Michelau adds a goal in the final minute to seal the 13-5 win for Stevenson.

6:38pm Menzenberger makes a save, but Amy Michelau scores on the rebound as LWE takes a timeout trailing 11-5 with 2:00 remaining.

6:33pm Katie Michelau scores on a breakaway to start the period, while Menzenberger and Cliburn keep the score from changing with saves over the next few minutes...

6:21pm Amy Michelau takes a pass from her sister Katie on a counterattack and scores to make the score 8-5 with 2:30 to go...Bukofzer assists Amy Michelau on a drive to make the score 9-5 late in the period. LWE draws an ejection but doesn't get a shot off as the period expires.

6:12pm Bukofzer scores in the first minute for the Patriots...Erin Reilly answers for the Griffins with a goal to make it 6-5 with 5:40 left in the third...Menzenberger with two saves for LWE...Aubrey Wanland's backhand goes wide left for Stevenson...Bukofzer strikes again for her seventh goal and LWE takes a timeout.

6:06pm Bukofzer scores the fifth goal to put the Patriots back on top late in the half...Menzenberger makes two saves in the final minute...LWE cannot score after a kickout, but Menzenberger makes a save at the end of the half.

6:03pm Peyton scores from two meters to give LWE the 4-3 lead...Christine Menzenberger keeps the Griffins up one with a save, but Stevenson's Rachel Cliburn comes back with a save of her own...Bukofzer scores her fourth goal from two meters to tie it up at 4-4 with 2:15 to play...

6:02pm Sarah Cempel scores her first on an outside shot to give the Griffins a 3-2 lead. Bukofzer responds with her third goal to tie it. Peyton misses wide left on a drive and the score remains tied with 5:20 left in the half.

5:58pm Both teams play tough defense to end the first quarter tied at 2-2.

5:50pm Terri Bukofzer starts the scoring off on a breakaway goal after two minutes of action...later in the period, Jesse Shopiro assists Bukofzer on her second goal...after an ejection, Sharon Pomranky scores from the left post to cut the lead in half. After another ejection, Rachel Peyton puts one in from two meters to tie the game at 2-2 as Stevenson takes a timeout.

5:45pm Stevenson and LWE get underway in fifteen minutes...

Fenwick 16 Naperville Central 4 (Final)

6:00pm Scoring for the Friars were Farren Rixter (4 goals), Erin Leary (4 goals), Keely Baldwin (2 goals), Morgan Bonk (2 goals), Christina Romano (2 goals), Allison Brokovec (1 goal), and Alison Pavlik (1 goal). For the Redhawks, Kara Wilson scored twice and Elisa Menis and Colleen Young both scored once.

5:22pm Colleen Young scores for Central, then draws a kickout...McCarthy makes a save on an outside shot...Allison Brokovec scores on a powerplay from the left side to make the score 16-4...

5:17pm No scoring in the fourth period halfway through, Fenwick still leads 15-3.

5:09pm Rixter scores at two meters before the end of the period...Elisa Menis puts in a rebound after Wilson hit the crossbar and makes the score 15-3 heading to the fourth quarter.

5:02pm Defense takes over in the second half, until Kara Wilson scores from two meters to make the score 12-2...Rixter scores from the left post to make it 13-2...Romano gets open on a drive to score and get the lead to 14-2...

4:53pm Walk makes a save, but Rixter scores from two meters on Fenwick's next possession...Kara Wilson gets Naperville on the board from in front to make it 11-1...Romano scores from outside to make it 12-1...McCarthy gets up to make a save on Elisa Menis' counterattack shot...Walk makes a save on Kaitlin Kysiak fron the right side to keep Central within, uhh...11. ..Walk makes two brilliant saves on Rixter's 2-on-1 chance...Romano gets loose on a breakaway to draw a four meter, but Walk makes two saves to deny a goal...

4:47pm McCarthy makes a save and assists Alison Pavlik on a breakaway goal to make the score 8-0...Erin Leary from DOWNTOWN makes it 9-0 Fenwick...Walk with a save on Pavlik's shot from the right corner...Nikki Nelson draws a kickout but Central cannot score on the advantage...Erin Leary scores again to make it 10-0...Fenwick takes a timout after drawing an ejection.

4:42pm Bonk scores in front of the net to make it 7-0, then McCarthy denies Oldenburg from two meters...Walk makes a save at the end of the quarter to the Redhawks within,

4:40pm Jefferds makes a steal but Bonk steals it back, feeds Rixter, who hits the post, but Bonk pushes home the rebound to make it 6-0.

4:38pm Jenna Jefferds hits the post from in front and McCarthy keeps the shutout...Bonk hits the post from outside but Rixter recovers the rebound and draws a foul...Leary connects from outside and it is now 5-0.

4:37pm Walk makes a save on a drive but Romano draws a four meter and Baldwin adds the penalty shot goal and makes the score. Central takes a timeout.

4:34pm We are underway...Brittany Walk and Laurel McCarthy with early saves, Keely Baldwin in transition with a goal from Farren Rixter and Fenwick leads 1-0...Erin Leary with a steal, then scores from seven meters to put the Friars up 2-0...Baldwin with a steal on a Naperville powerplay...Morgan Bonk with a steal, swims down the pool, then assists Rixter on a goal to make it 3-0.

4:30pm start for the first girls quarterfinal game...

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Day 1 Wrapup

The play-by-play is up for as much of a recap from tonight's game as I could provide. I should have a video and some audio updates either later tonight or tomorrow morning.

On Saturday morning, the semifinals are set, as Latin will battle Lyons and Fenwick will take on Mundelein.

Up next: the girls quarterfinal games, starting with Fenwick-NC, followed by Stevenson-LWE, Loyola-Ignatius, and McAuley-Barrington

Mundelein 10 Loyola 8 (Final)

9:14pm Mundelein is the last team to advance with a 10-8 win over Loyola. Andrew Peterson had 4 goals in the win, Mark Selle and Grant Gates each added a pair, and Brandon Schawel and Geoff Schott also recorded one tally each. Ryan Egan scored 4 times to lead the Ramblers, while Nate LeRoy added 3 goals and Evan Rourke scored once.

9:08pm LeRoy with a steal at the 2:27 mark...Peterson steals it back with 2:13 to go...Schawel gets open with a chance to seal the game for Mundelein, but Weissert deflects the ball off the post and Loyola counters. Peterson creates a turnover and Mundelein calls a timeout.

9:05pm Selle fires a shot wide left after a Mundelein timeout... Weissert with a huge save on Schawel's shot from four meters out...Lukacs with a steal...Selle just misses on a lob with 4:30 left...LeRoy draws an ejection but Evan Rourke fires over the net...Mark Selle hits a backhand from two meters and the lead is 10-8 Mundelein...LeRoy draws an ejection but Rayome denies his first chance...Peterson with a field block on Stonequist and the Mustangs cling to a two goal lead.

9:01pm Egan gets Loyola one goal closer with a score in the first minute of the fourth period, then Selle hits the post and Weissert denies his rebound attempt with 6:00 left...Matt Patterson assists LeRoy with a goal from the right post and the Ramblers are down by just one with 5:32 left in the game.

8:55pm Ricky Lukacs with a steal in the final minute for the Mustangs, and Goggle Boy aka Geoff Schott scores from the left post to put Mundelein up 9-6 with :01 second left in the third period.

8:52pm Defense takes over the next few minutes, until Brandon Schawel scores at two meters to make the Mustang lead 8-5 with 2:00 left in the third period. Egan scores for Loyola on the powerplay and LeRoy makes a steal to give Loyola another chance to score, but Mundelein makes a stop to keep the two goal advantage.

8:48pm Weissert with two early saves to keep Loyola within one...Rayome recovers a rebound after LeRoy hits the post on a penalty shot...After a Loyola steal, Peterson steals a pass in the offensive end and assists Selle on a lob shot to make the score 7-5 as Loyola takes a timeout.

8:40pm LeRoy scores a crazy goal on a breakaway, but Peterson responds with a goal of his own at two meters to tie it. Weissert makes a save on Schott's attemp, but Peterson puts in a backhand from four meters with 0:02 remaining in the half to put the Mustangs ahead 5-4 at halftime.

8:37pm Egan scores from two meters to make it 4-3 Loyola, but Andrew Peterson answers with a two meter goal, assisted by Schawel, and the score is tied at 4-4.

8:34pm Nate LeRoy draws an ejection and lobs a shot in to tie the game at 3-3. After a kickout, Peterson hits the post, but Mundelein gets it back. Selle has his shot blocked by Weissert and the score stays even. Rayome blocks Egan's shot at two meters, then Schott makes a steal to prevent a Loyola goal.

8:31pm Tyler Rayome makes a save on Loyola's first scoring chance of the second quarter, and then Loyola calls a timeout. Weissert denies Mark Selle and then Sean Larsen on consecutive plays. Peterson creates a turnover at two meters as Egan had a chance to score.

8:25pm Gates gives the Mustangs their first lead with a goal from two meters. LeRoy draws a kickout at the buzzer, so Loyola will start the second period with a man-up situation.

8:22pm O'Connell draws an ejection but hits the post at two meters...Weissert makes two saves in a row to keep Loyola up by a goal...field block by O'Connell but Grant Gates picks up the rebound and scores from four meters out to tie the game at 2-2...Mundelein then takes a timeout.

8:16pm Ryan Egan scores for Loyola on their first possession...Andrew Peterson draws a kickout and then scores on the man-up situation to tie it at 1-1...Nate LeRoy puts the Ramblers up 2-1, then Adam Weissert makes a save to keep Loyola on top...Geoff Schott with a steal for the Mustangs, but Dan O'Connell makes a steal on the other end for Loyola.

8:00pm Mundelein and Loyola are warming up and we will be right back with the coverage at 8:15pm.

Fenwick 19 Lincoln-Way East 4 (Final)

9:19pm John Barrett had 7 goals for the Friars, Chris Bonk, Tom Parolin, and Luke Baldwin all scored twice, and Tom Grusecki, Andrew McKernin, Matt Meyer, Will Dietz, and Steve Ahern all added one goal apiece. LWE got 2 goals from Zach VanSwol and one goal each from Steve King and Sean Creedon.

7:56pm Bonk adds his second goal and gives the Friars a 17-4 lead. Tom Grusecki comes in off the bench to make it 18-4. Steve Ahern scores for Fenwick with 1:53 to play and the lead grows to 19-4. Kegan Daugherty makes a breakaway save at the end of the game to put a stamp on the Fenwick victory.

7:46pm Barrett starts the scoring in the fourth period to increase Fenwick's advantage to 14-4. Barrett adds a four meter penalty shot to make it 15-4, then Wolak draws an ejection and Chris Bonk scores from the left side to put Fenwick ahead 16-4.

7:42pm Parolin turns his defender at two meters for a goal, then Matt Meyer scores after a kickout at two meters to make the score 13-4. Jones hits the post from his own net at the end of the third quarter.

VanSwol scores again for LWE, but Wendt answers for the Friars who now lead 12-4 late in the period.

7:36pm Parolin opens the scoring in the second half from two meters to increase the lead to 9-2...Baldwin scores from four meters out, assisted by Wolak, and the lead goes to 10-2...Zach VanSwol with a goal from seven meters out for LWE cuts the lead to 10-3...Barrett draws a kickout then scores off a pass from Parolin and makes it 11-3.

7:25pm Andrew McKernin scores at two meters after the ejection, then Chris Wendt scores from outside two meters with 0:52 seconds remaining to make the score 6-2 in favor of Fenwick. Jones comes out of the net for a steal, leading to a counterattack goal by Dan Wolak, assisted by Luke Baldwin. Barrett makes a steal and assists Luke Baldwin on a breakaway goal and an 8-2 with 0:06 left in the half. Baldwin makes a field block at the end of the first half.

7:22pm Golden makes two more close saves, but Jason Ament is denied on a breakaway chance, leading to a goal by Parolin, who turned his defender at two meters. Fenwick later draws an ejection and takes a timeout.

7:18pm Sean Creedon opens the quarter for LWE with a goal, then Ryan Golden comes up with a big save for the Griffins to deny a goal...Golden denies Dan Wolak at two meters twice, leading to a lob shot from Steve King that makes it 3-2 with 4:11 to go in the second period...

7:11pm Barrett scores his third goal of the opening quarter as Fenwick take s a 3-0 lead with 0:09 left in the quarter...Jones denies Zach VanSwol from outside as the time expires.

7:09pm Jones with a save, but Fenwick cannot get a shot off before the shot clock expires and LWE draws a kickout and takes a timeout.

7:04pm The game is underway and John Barrett scores from seven meters out just :29 seconds into the game. Andrew McKernin with a field block to prevent a powerplay goal on LWE's first possession. Tom Parolin draws a kickout but Jason Ament makes a steal...Barrett with a steal for Fenwick, Steve King responds with a steal for LWE...Jones with a save on a shot by Kevin Puscaric...Parolin assists Barrett on a goal during a man-up situation to make it 2-0 Fenwick.

6:58pm 10 minutes until the third quarterfinal between Fenwick and Lincoln-Way East gets underway...

Lyons 12 Naperville Central 11 (Final)

9:17pm Scott Nemecek leads all scorers with 6 goals, while Mike Castro and Peter Cosentino added two goals apiece and Pat Wilkins and Paul Busse each scored once. For Central, Jadd Shammas led the way with 3 goals, Ryan Alberts, Pat Leclair, and Tyler Olsen all scored twice and Kevin Bell and Ben Li each added a goal.

6:42pm LYONS advances to the semifinals with a 12-11 win over Naperville Central. More later...

6:41pm Central hits the post and the ball bounces out of bounds and Lyons runs out the clock for the win.

6:40pm Mike Castro scores from two meters with 0:46 left and makes it 12-11 Lyons...Timeout Naperville Central...

6:39pm Shammas scores from seven meters after the timeout to tie the game at 11-11 with 1:00 to go...

6:35pm Cosentino scores a powerplay goal from seven meters to make it 11-8 Lyons...Bell assists Olsen on a goal from the left side to cut it to 11-9...Stein out of the net to make a steal...Busse makes a steal at two meters for Lyons...Stein denies Nemecek at two meters...Shammas gets open at two meters for a goal with 1:35 remaining...

6:31pm Halperin and Stein make saves on each team's first possesion...Bell draws a kickout but Halperin makes a save...Leclair makes a steal...Halperin denies a lob by Saltzman...Nemecek draws a kickout, then Lyons gets another ejection, and Castro scores from the right side to make the score 10-7.

6:25pm Nemecek draws a four meter and scores to make it 9-7. Central draws a kickout and takes a timeout with 0:47 left in the third period. Lyons with a save and a field block to prevent Central from getting within one at the end of the quarter.

6:17pm Nemecek scores on a powerplay goal to get Lyons ahead 8-6. Alberts responds with a lob from the left side and cuts the lead down to 8-7. Stein makes a save with 2:45 left in the third.

6:14pm Nemecek scores as Stein comes out of the net for the steal attempt and Lyons leads 6-4. Stein takes away a goal from Castro from two meters to keep Central within striking distance. Castro draws an ejection and Nemecek scores from the left side as Lyons now leads 7-4. Ben Li scores on a lob from seven meters out (assisted by Bell) and the score is now 7-5. Bell turns his defender at two meters and scores to make it 7-6.


6:07pm Mike Castro scores from the left post to give Lyons a 5-4 advantage. Stein deflects Nemecek's shot at two meters to keep the Redhawks within one. Busse deflects Alberts' shot out of bounds late in the period, then Halperin denies Bell from two meters with 0:16 left in the half.

6:01pm Halperin makes a save on Saltzman's outside shot early in the second period. Cosentino gets open and scores from the left side on a drive to tie the game at 3-3. Halperin blocks a close shot by Kevin Bell to keep the score even. Scott Nemecek scores from the left side on a powerplay goal to put the Lions ahead 4-3. Leclair lobs a shot from the left side as the shot clock expires to tie the game at 4-4.

5:55pm Olsen draws a kickout and then scores on a man-up situation from outside seven meters to make the score 3-2. Stein makes a save on an outside shot but Busse makes a steal before the end of the half as Central leads Lyons 3-2 after one period.

5:50pm Scott Nemecek breaks the tie with a lob shot to make it 2-1, but Stein denies a lob by Pter Cosentino on the next play. Pat Leclair hits the crossbar and Koral Halperin draws a foul to prevent a goal. Halperin blocks a shot by Tyler Olsen, but Ryan Alberts recovers the loose ball in front, draws a four meter, then scores the penalty shot to tie the game at 2-2.

5:48pm Both defenses string early on...Paul Busse gets open on a breakaway and scores to put Lyons up 1-0....Max Saltzman assists Jadd Shammas on a drive to tie the score at 1-1.

5:33pm Both teams are in the water warming up. Starting lineups and other info coming soon. The winner will play Latin tomorrow at 9:00am.

Strating lineups:


Naperville Central-

Latin 15 Palatine 7 (Final)

7:30pm Jordan Himmel led Latin with 5 goals, Sam Kettlewell and Grant Wilkie each scored three times, and Steve Wickes and Connor Allen both had two goals. For Palatine, Chris Wolocha, Skylar Davis, and Kevin Wood each scored twice, while Mitch Tucker added one goal.

5:31pm Latin advances to the semifinals with a 15-7 win over Palatine. Stats and such a bit later as we now jump to the next blog entry for Lyons-Naperville Central at 5:45pm.

5:29pm Kevin Wood adds a late goal for Palatine and Chris Wolocha scores his first goal with 0:38 left to go as Latin's lead is now 15-6. Grzybek assists Wolocha on his second goal with 0:09 to go and Latin runs out the clock and wins 15-7.

5:25pm Kettlewell adds a goal from the outside to make it 15-4 as Palatine takes timeout with 2:01 to play.

5:23pm Wilkie assists Allen on a shot from outside seven meters as the Romans are able to sub in for most of their starters leading 14-4 with 2:46 left.

5:19pm Himmel starts the period out with a goal and a 13-4 Latin lead. After a few defensive stops for each side, Latin takes a timeout with 3:52 left to play.

5:13pm After a Palatine timeout, Fyfe and Blackham each make a save in the final minute. Ffye tosses a pass that Wilkie tips in at the buzzer as Latin takes a 12-4 lead with just one quarter remaining.

5:08pm Latin takes a timeout leading 10-4 midway through the third quarter. Himmel takes a pass from Steve Wickes and scores from the right post, making it 11-4 Latin. Fyfle deflects a shot out of bounds for the Romans, then makes another save to keep Latin up by seven. Three saves in a row for Fyfe with 2:31 to go.

5:02pm Himmel assists Kettlewell on an early goal as Latin takes a 9-3 lead. Skylar Davis gets a goal from the right side as Palatine answers right back, then Steve Grzybek makes a steal and Palatine counters. Fyfe comes out of the net to make a steal on Palatine's pass into set. Himmel turns his defender, stops, then fires a shot into the back of the net as the Romans go ahead 10-4.


4:46pm Palatine gets another powerplay chance, but Kettlewell makes a steal and the Pirates do not get a shot off. Blackham makes a save on a long shot as the halftime buzzer sounds.

4:54pm Allen makes a steal, Himmel draws a kickout, then assists Tim Wickes on a left-handed goal from the right side to increase the advantage to 8-2. Wood sweeps a shot wide of the post, but he makes a steal and assists Mitch Tucker on a breakaway to make it 8-3.

4:51pm After the timeout, Kevin Wood draws an ejection and scores to cut the lead to 6-2. The Pirates get another man-up situation, but Fyfe makes a key save to keep the Romans ahead by four. Himmel responds with a goal from the right side to make the score 7-2.

4:46pm Henry Fyfe makes a save, and Connor Allen scores on a skip shot from the left corner, leading to a Palatine timeout with 3:49 to go in the half.

4:45pm After winning the swimoff, Palatine's Mike Nocella draws a kickout, but Tim Wickes comes up with two field blocks on the man-up situation and the Pirates cannot score. Himmel turns his defender but rocks the post with a shot at two meters. Steve Wickes gets another steal. Mitch Tucker gets a steal but lobs a shot over the net on the counterattack. Steve Wickes drives in and puts home a pass from Wilkie to make it 5-1 Latin with 4:30 remaining in the second quarter.

4:39pm A Tim Wickes steal leads to a goal off a drive by Wilkie (assisted by Connor Allen), and Palatine misses at the end of the period and trails Latin 4-1 after the opening quarter.

4:36pm Steve Gryzbek makes a defensive stop, but Kettlewell gets his fourth steal to prevent a breakaway chance for Palatine. Gryzbek forces another turnover, but Tim Wickes grabs his second steal with under two minutes left in period one. Wilkie scores from the post on an assist from Steve Wickes to make it 3-1 with 1:28 to go.

4:33pm Sam Kettlewell makes a steal and scores an uncontested goal in the first 15 seconds and Latin leads 1-0. Kettlewell makes his second steal on the defensive end, which eventually leads to a Jordan Himmel goal from two meters (assisted by Grant Wilkie). Kettlewell earns steal #3 on defense, but Kevin Wood forces a turnover on the other end. Skylar Davis connects on an outside shot to get Palatine within one (2-1 - 5:09). Himmel draws an ejection at two meters, then draws a second kickout on the same play, but Spencer Blackham denies Wilkie's 6-on-4 shot to keep Palatine within one.

4:20pm The first boys' quarterfinal begins in less than 10 minutes. Palatine vs Latin. We will have live updates every few minutes with as much play-by-play as possible. The refs are getting the teams lined up and we crowd is slowly filling up the stands.

The starting lineups:

Latin - Henry Fyfe (goalie), Tim Wickes, Stephen Wickes, Grant Wilkie, Jordan Himmel, Sam Kettlewell, Ryan Arvin

Palatine - Spencer Blackham (goalie), Skylar Davis, Kevin Wood, Steve Gryzbek, Chris Wolocha, Mike Nocella, Mitch Tucker

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

State Water Polo Eve...Or Something

Things have actually been boring today, as there have only been one or two minor updates to the site. As much as I like having a break, it feels a little strange with the water polo state quarterfinals on the horizon within the next 24 hours. It is probably a result of the fact that, except for Sundays, there have been 12-40 water polo games per night since March.

Here is the gameplan for the site over the weekend. Live play-by-play updates for the quarterfinal games on Thursday and Friday. And hopefully some video clips from each game as well...everything depends on how close each game is. And we will err on the side of getting the play-by-play done for those who cannot attend the games but would like to know what is going down every few minutes or so.

So tomorrow the boys games begin. Latin vs Palatine in the early game. Lyons vs Naperville Central to follow. Fenwick vs Lincoln-Way East at 7:00pm. And the nightcap pits Mundelein vs Loyola. The games should be great; hopefully we can keep up with everything for you!

Monday, May 08, 2006

All-Illpolo Teams

I would be lying if I didn't say that I really don't like doing the All-Illpolo Teams. I started figuring these out a few weeks ago then kept tinkering with them every so often after seeing more games and more players perform. Then it gets to the end of the year and I want to include so many players who I have seen play well, so I keep adding and trying to figure things out and trying to match it all up with how All-State will be voted and then I start to think...what do I care about All-State, this is All-Illpolo and if I could I would create my own awards with my own awards banquet and we'd get some musical acts like Twisted Sister, Bonecrusher, and Sugar Ray to perform and all that...

...what we end up with is 6 teams, and I want everyone to keep in mind that this is strictly what I SAW and they are only MY OPINIONS and there are always factors like, a player was sick when I saw their team play 4 games at a tournament or something along those lines, so it's all just a matter of what I saw, heard about ,, keep in mind that there really aren't a ton of resources out there to figure out what happened every single night like there would be for college basketball or a sport like that.