Friday, May 12, 2006

Fenwick 16 Naperville Central 4 (Final)

6:00pm Scoring for the Friars were Farren Rixter (4 goals), Erin Leary (4 goals), Keely Baldwin (2 goals), Morgan Bonk (2 goals), Christina Romano (2 goals), Allison Brokovec (1 goal), and Alison Pavlik (1 goal). For the Redhawks, Kara Wilson scored twice and Elisa Menis and Colleen Young both scored once.

5:22pm Colleen Young scores for Central, then draws a kickout...McCarthy makes a save on an outside shot...Allison Brokovec scores on a powerplay from the left side to make the score 16-4...

5:17pm No scoring in the fourth period halfway through, Fenwick still leads 15-3.

5:09pm Rixter scores at two meters before the end of the period...Elisa Menis puts in a rebound after Wilson hit the crossbar and makes the score 15-3 heading to the fourth quarter.

5:02pm Defense takes over in the second half, until Kara Wilson scores from two meters to make the score 12-2...Rixter scores from the left post to make it 13-2...Romano gets open on a drive to score and get the lead to 14-2...

4:53pm Walk makes a save, but Rixter scores from two meters on Fenwick's next possession...Kara Wilson gets Naperville on the board from in front to make it 11-1...Romano scores from outside to make it 12-1...McCarthy gets up to make a save on Elisa Menis' counterattack shot...Walk makes a save on Kaitlin Kysiak fron the right side to keep Central within, uhh...11. ..Walk makes two brilliant saves on Rixter's 2-on-1 chance...Romano gets loose on a breakaway to draw a four meter, but Walk makes two saves to deny a goal...

4:47pm McCarthy makes a save and assists Alison Pavlik on a breakaway goal to make the score 8-0...Erin Leary from DOWNTOWN makes it 9-0 Fenwick...Walk with a save on Pavlik's shot from the right corner...Nikki Nelson draws a kickout but Central cannot score on the advantage...Erin Leary scores again to make it 10-0...Fenwick takes a timout after drawing an ejection.

4:42pm Bonk scores in front of the net to make it 7-0, then McCarthy denies Oldenburg from two meters...Walk makes a save at the end of the quarter to the Redhawks within,

4:40pm Jefferds makes a steal but Bonk steals it back, feeds Rixter, who hits the post, but Bonk pushes home the rebound to make it 6-0.

4:38pm Jenna Jefferds hits the post from in front and McCarthy keeps the shutout...Bonk hits the post from outside but Rixter recovers the rebound and draws a foul...Leary connects from outside and it is now 5-0.

4:37pm Walk makes a save on a drive but Romano draws a four meter and Baldwin adds the penalty shot goal and makes the score. Central takes a timeout.

4:34pm We are underway...Brittany Walk and Laurel McCarthy with early saves, Keely Baldwin in transition with a goal from Farren Rixter and Fenwick leads 1-0...Erin Leary with a steal, then scores from seven meters to put the Friars up 2-0...Baldwin with a steal on a Naperville powerplay...Morgan Bonk with a steal, swims down the pool, then assists Rixter on a goal to make it 3-0.

4:30pm start for the first girls quarterfinal game...