Saturday, May 13, 2006

Lyons 11 Mundelein 10 (Final)

4:30pm Mike Castro led the scoring for Lyons with 4 goals, Scott Nemecek, Pat Wilkins, and Peter Cosentino each scored twice, and Mark Nemecek added a late goal. Mundelein was led on offense by Andrew Peterson, who scored 6 goals, while Brandon Schawel tallied 3 scores and Sean Larsen added one goal.

4:28pm Nemecek gets open on a breakaway after an offensive foul call with :34 seconds left and scores the game-winner and Lyons finishes in third place with an 11-10 win.

4:21pm Schawel catches a pass on the right post and puts it in to tie the game, assisted by Larsen...Peterson scores from the right side to put the Mustangs ahead 10-9...Scott's backhand from four meters out goes wide right with 1:34 left...Pat Wilkins ties the game up with a shot from the right wing and Mundelein takes a timeout.

4:17pm Peterson scores on Mundelein's first possession of the period from outside...Scott Nemecek responds with a goal from the left wing to tie the game at 8-8...Halperin makes a strong save to keep the game tied...Peterson with a steal on defense...Busse makes a steal...Halperin makes a save with 4:17 to go...Mark Nemecek lobs a shot in after a drive to give Lyons a 9-8 lead.

4:13pm Neither team can score in the final two minutes and we head to the fourth quarter tied at 7-7.

4:07pm Halperin denies an outside shot by Larsen to keep the score tied...Peterson forces a turnover for Mundelein...Halperin with a strong block on a shot by Schawel and Lyons takes a timeout with 2:00 left and the score tied at 7-7.

4:04pm So far in the third quarter, Andrew Peterson evened the game from two meters, only to see Mike Castro respond later in the period to put Lyons back in front. Peterson scored again midway through the period to tie it, and Mundelein takes their first lead on a goal from two meters out by Brandon Schawel. Castro ties it back up with a powerplay goal with 2:24 to go in the period.

3:55pm Castro lobs a shot in from the right wing before the end of the half and Lyons takes a 5-4 lead at the break.

3:52pm Sean Larsen turns his defender to score at two meters, cutting the lead down to 4-3...Halperin makes a save to keep Lyons ahead by one...Rayome denies Cosentino from outside...Peterson ties the game with a goal from just outside two meters...Rayome blocks a shot by Wilkins out of bounds...

3:46pm Peterson draws a foul and gives an assist to Brandon Schawel on a shot from the outside to make the score 3-2...Cosentino draws a kickout but Rayome makes a save for the Mustangs...Schawel rocks the post with an outside shot but Lyons goes on the attack...Cosentino scores again for the Lions, who own a 4-2 lead midway through the second period.

3:42pm Wilkins scores from the right wing to make the score 3-1 as the first quarter comes to an end.

3:39pm Peterson a steal but the Mundelein offense is nonexistent early due to a strong Lyons defense...Castro catches the crossbar for Lyons...Peterson a field block and then recovers the loose ball...Peterson then scores at two meters to cut the lead in half (2-1 Lyons).

3:35pm Brandon Schawel forces a turnover then draws an ejection in the early stages of the game...Cosentino scores from the point as Lyons was on the advantage and they take a 1-0 lead...Wilkins hits the crossbar with a lob...Nemecek catches a pass from Busse and in one motion throws it into the back of the net to give Lyons a 2-0 lead as Mundelein takes a timeout.

3:30pm Third place game getting underway right.......NOW!


Lyons-Halperin, Nemecek, Nemecek, Castro, Wilkins, Busse, Cosentino
Mundelein-Rayome, Peterson, Schawel, Schott, Selle, Gates, Larsen