Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ignatius 10 McAuley 3 (Final)

1:40pm Ignatius was led by Nora Kennelly's 7 goals, while Kate Brankin, Kathleen Maloney, and Yadi Leon each scored once. Lilly Gonzalez, Lilly Cortez, and Ashley Bachler each scored one goal apiece for the Mighty Macs.

1:34pm Hybinette makes a save on McAuley's next shot attempt, then assists Kathleen Maloney on a breakaway goal...Hybinette makes another save as Cortez came open on a drive down the left side...Ignatius runs out the clock to advance to the championship game!

1:31pm Romo comes out of the net at two meters to make a steal from Kennelly, but Kennelly gets a steal on the defensive end...Cortez and McShane team up for a steal at two meters and McAuley takes their second timeout.

1:29pm Kennelly responds with a goal from two meters and Ignatius holds an 8-3 advantage...Leon makes a steal on the defensive end...Leon scores from outside seven meters as the shot clock expires for a 9-3 Ignatius lead with 5:01 left.

1:27pm After an ejection, Ashley Bachler gets McAuley a bit closer with a goal from the left side to make the score 7-3 with 6:02 to go.

1:23pm Romo makes a save at the end of the quarter, but Ignatius maintains a 7-2 lead with one more period to play.

1:20pm Brankin gets open on a counterattack and Hybinette finds her for a goal from the left wing. Romo makes two brilliant saves for McAuley, but Hybinette grabs another save and Kennelly scores again on a backhand from two meters and the Wolfpack now leads 7-2 late in the third period.

1:15pm Kennelly scores on a backhand at two meters and McAuley uses a timeout as they trail 5-2 with 4:0 left in the third period.

1:10pm Wood makes a steal to prevent an Ignatius scoring chance, but Maloney does the same on the other end for Ignatius...Gonzalez makes a steal at two meters with 5:20 to go in the third...Hybinette makes a save on a penalty shot by Wood.

1:04pm Brankin hits the post on a breakaway chance...Leon with a steal but Kennelly fires over the goal...Perez shoots wide left from seven meters out with 1:23 left in the half...Perez makes a steal in the defensive end, but Hybinette denies Wood on a shot from two meters...Kennelly scores on a pass from Ridgeway into two meters and Ignatius leads 4-2 with 0:14 seconds left in the half.

1:01pm Wood nicks the post on a shot from the corner...Kennelly fights to score from two meters and gives Ignatius the 3-2 lead.

12:59pm Kennelly fights for a loose ball and scores to tie the game early in the second quarter. McAuley goalie Genesis Romo makes a save, then Ali Durkin makes a steal to prevent a goal after a kickout...Romo makes another save and Durkin makes another steal.

12:53pm Gonzalez ties the score with a shot from outside seven meters...Genesis Romo and Gonzalez team up for a steal at two meters on the defensive end...Lilly Cortez gives McAuley their first lead with a goal to make the score 2-1. McShane hits the crossbar as time expires in the first quarter.

12:52pm Lilly Gonzalez misses wide right on the game's first shot...she then gets a steal on the defensive end...Hybinette makes a steal on a pass into two meters...Kennelly lofts a shot in from two meters to give Ignatius an early 1-0 lead.

12:51pm We are underway!!!

12:50pm is the slated start time for the final quarterfinal matchup. Starting lineups coming soon:

McAuley-Genesis Romo, Maggie Wood, Laura Perez, Lilly Cortez, Lilly Gonzalez, Elaine Ginger, Amy Jackson
Ignatius-Megan Hybinette, Nora Kennelly, Kathleen Maloney, Yadi Leon, Ali Durkin, Kate Brankin, Maisie O'Malley