Saturday, May 13, 2006

Fenwick 14 Stevenson 6 (Final)

12:30pm Leading scorers...Farren Rixter with 5, Keely Baldwin with 4, and Alison Pavlik, Erin Leary, Trisha Osmalak, Christina Romano, and Morgan Bonk each scored once. For Stevenson...Terri Bukofzer had 5 goals and Mia Cipperoni added one.

12:29am Mia Cipperoni comes in off the bench to score at two meters for Stevenson...Trisha Osmalak responds for the Friars with a goal in the final minute to seal the 14-6 win for Fenwick.

12:25pm Cliburn makes a save on a shot from seven meters by Leary...Wanland shoots over the net from the left side...Romano draws an ejection but Bonk hits the post...Rixter scores from two meters to widen the lead to 13-5 with 2:18 remaining.

12:23pm McCarthy makes a save at the beginning of the final quarter..Baldwin scores from outside to make the Fenwick lead 11-4...Baldwin with a steal and an assist on the counterattack goal by Bonk...Rebecca Shopiro hits the right post from the left side...Bukofzer with a breakaway goal, assisted by Katie Michelau and the score is 12-5.

12:17pm At the end of the quarter, Rixter scores at two meters and Fenwick now leads 10-4.

12:13pm Cliburn denies Bonk from in front as Fenwick was on the advantage...Bukofzer shoots over the goal from four meters...Rixter draws a four meter and Baldwin scores on the penalty shot to make it 9-3. Bukofzer draws a four meter and scores to end the Friars run and get to within 9-4 with 0:45 left in the third period.

12:11pm McCarthy comes up big again to save a shot from Wanland from the left side after an ejection, and she saves another shot by Katie Michelau on Stevenson's next possession.

12:08pm Wanland makes a steal but McCarthy stops Bukofzer at two meters and Leary grabs the loose ball...Rixter adds another goal to make the score 8-3 as Stevenson takes a timeout.

12:06pm Cliburn makes a save on Rixter's two meter attempt...Leary creates a turnover for Fenwick...Rixter puts in a shot from two meters with two defenders on her and makes the score 6-3...Leary helps deflect a shot by Bukofzer into the hands of McCarthy...Jesse Shopiro with a Stevenson steal...Romano into two meters for a steal then assists Baldwin on a breakaway goal as Fenwick threatens to break the game open early in the third period.

11:59am McCarthy makes a huge breakaway save to keep the Friars up by two, Bonk draws a kickout and Fenwick cannot score, but she gets a steal on the defensive end...Stevenson gets one last chance before the half but Pavlik makes a steal as time expires.

11:56am Bukofzer drives in and shoots but McCarthy deflects her shot off the post...Bukofzer a steal at two meters...Shopiro draws a four meter and Bukofzer skips a shot in to make it 5-3.

11:53am Cliburn and McCarthy trade saves on back-to-back possessions, and Rixter scores from two meters to put the Friars ahead 5-2 midway through the second quarter.

11:52am Leary and Romano team up for a steal at two meters, and Baldwin scores from the outside to make the score 4-2.

11:50am Bukofzer opens the quarter with a lob shot for a goal to cut the lead to 3-2...she then draws a four meter, but Laurel McCarthy makes a huge save and Fenwick calls timeout leading by one.

11:46am Rixter draws an ejection but the Friars cannot capitalize...Amy Michelau makes a steal but the Patriots come up short on their the closing seconds of the period, McCarthy denies a Bukofzer backhand from two meters with 0:05 seconds left, but Katie Michelau draws a four meter as time expires and Bukofzer scores on the penalty shot to get Stevenson to within 3-1 at the end of the opening period.

11:41am Pavlik delivers from the left side and the Friars go up 3-0 as Stevenson takes their first timeout with 2:30 remaining in the first quarter.

11:39am Baldwin makes a steal and draws an ejection, then scores from the outside to give the Friars a 2-0 advantage.

11:38am Romano starts the scoring with a lob shot after a drive to make the score 1-0 Fenwick.

11:36am Keely Baldwin makes a steal but Rachel Cliburn saves her breakaway attempt to start the game...Romano with a steal on Stevenson's next possession...Bonk shoots over the net...McCarthy out of the net for a steal from Bukofzer.

11:32am The first girls quarterfinal game gets underway a little bit after 11:30am. Starting lineups:

Fenwick-Laurel McCarthy, Alison Pavlik, Keely Baldwin, Christina Romano, Farren Rixter, Erin Leary, Morgan Bonk
Stevenson-Rachel Cliburn, Terri Bukofzer, Katie Michelau, Jess Shopiro, Aubrey Wanland, Rebecca Shopiro, Samantha Gibson