Saturday, May 13, 2006

Fenwick 19 Latin 5 (Final)


7:26pm Barrett fires a pass to McKernin on the opposite side of the pool after his drive, and he immediately puts it in for a 16-5 Fenwick lead. Fenwick scores twice more to increase the lead to 18-5...hue standing ovation as all the starters have been taken out...another timeout taken to allow senior goalie Chris Jones to get a standing ovation. Final minute of the game...Bob Tentler scores with 0:33 seconds left and Fenwick leads it 19-5. The Latin starters are taken out after a great postseason run leads to a second place finish.

7:22pm Fyfe makes a block on Wendt's drive...Barrett a steal on the defensive end...

7:20pm Chris Bonk hits a shot from outside seven meters on Fenwick's first possession...Jones makes a save and assists Baldwin on a breakaway goal to make the score 15-5.

7:16pm Fenwick leads 13-5 and is one quarter away from a state championship!!!

7:14pm The blog is now working and contains this same information. I'll keep posting in both places until the end of the game. Jump ball is knocked down by Meyer at two meters and Fenwick is on the move...Parolin turns his defender on the left post to score and give the Friars a 13-5 lead.

7:10pm Baldwin picks up a loose ball after Mayer's shot went off the post and puts it in to make the score 10-5...Matt Meyer scores his third goal of the game on a drive to increase the lead to 11-5...Barrett comes wide open on the right side and takes a pass from Jones all the way in for a goal as Fenwick takes a timeout leading 12-5.

7:07pm Jones blocks a four meter penalty shot by Himmel to keep the Friars ahead by four...timeout Latin.

7:04pm Baldwin opens the period with a goal from the left side and the score is now 9-4...Tim Wickes connects from outside seven meters; 9-5 Fenwick...

6:56pm Fenwick's final possession of the half results in a goal as Baldwin hits Parolin in front to make the score 7-4. Correction...the Friars make a steal and score again, same play, same result...Parolin scores his second straight and Fenwick takes an 8-4 lead into halftime.

6:55pm Baldwin just misses from in front, and Himmel fires a backhand into the back of the net with 0:39 seconds left and cuts the advantage to 6-4.

6:53pm The blog isn't working so just check this page for awhile...Wendt throws across the pool to find Luke Baldwin open for a goal from the left wing. Fenwick now leading 6-3 with 1:27 left in the half.

6:52pm Barrett scores from two meters out after a foul to make the score 5-2, but Himmel responds with a goal from the left flat to make it 5-3.

6:50pm After the timeout, Kettlewell scores at two meters for Latin to get the score to 4-2.

6:46pm Jones with two huge saves to limit Latin to just one goal thus far. Timeout for Latin at the 4:00 mark.

6:45pm Parolin with a goal after an ejection to make the score 4-1 Fenwick with 5:33 left in the half.

6:43pm For Fenwick, the first quarter goals were scored by Matt Meyer (2 goals) and Andrew McKernin.

6:40pm Extremely fast first quarter, as Jordan Himmel put Latin ahead early with a goal, but Fenwick responded with three straight scores to take a 3-1 lead into the second quarter. Updates will be a little less than normal as I am trying to film, broadcast, edit, and blog at the same time.

6:26pm Starting lineups are being will start a few minutes late; probably a 6:35pm start.

6:00pm The boys championship begins at 6:30pm. Starting lineups for Fenwick and Latin:

Fenwick: Jones, Barrett, Parolin, McKernin, Baldwin, Meyer, Wendt

Latin: Fyfe, Himmel, Kettlewell, Wickes, Wickes, Wilkie, Arvin